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An Ancient Treatment for Modern Stress

Acupuncture for Stress Management

Acupuncture is excellent at treating the effects of stress on both the body and mind. Symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension or pain, chest pain, fatigue, change in sex drive, stomach upset, sleep problems and low immunity can all be caused by high levels of stress. In addition stress can lead to anxiety, restlessness, lack of motivation or focus, memory problems, feeling overwhelmed, irritability or anger as well as depression.

My goal with each patient, regardless of their main complaint, is to use acupuncture to bring their body into a deep state of relaxation. It is not unusual to find patients, who reported high levels of stress at the beginning of treatment, feeling completely relaxed and sometimes, even asleep, when I come back in to remove needles.

Pulse diagnosis helps me to identify characteristics or qualities of stress in the body from an Eastern medicine perspective. I then use these qualities to choose acupuncture points which balance the pulse and promote relaxation.

Acupuncture improves blood circulation throughout the body, brings more oxygen into the tissues and helps to change the level of circulating cortisol. It helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate and relaxes tight muscles.

If you are interested in using acupuncture for relaxation and stress management, I offer a 30 minute Relaxation Treatment. During this treatment, you will simply make yourself comfortable on our heated massage table, receive acupuncture and then relax for 20 minutes in a dimly lit room with relaxing music. You will then receive a 10 minute neck/face and scalp acupressure massage!

NEW Offering:

30 minute relaxation treatment that includes a stress busting combination of ear acupuncture and reflexology with my amazing colleague, certified reflexologist, Natalie Ensley!

During your session, certified reflexologist, Natalie Ensley, will massage your feet and toes, applying gentle pressure to specific reflex points. It not only feels wonderful, but it also helps to calm your nervous system. In fact, if you’re stressed or anxious, your sympathetic nervous system aka, your fight or flight response, kicks into gear causing a host of troubling symptoms. Reflexology will help to increase your parasympathetic response, aka your rest and digest response, leaving you feeling not only peaceful and refreshed but also more able to focus on your day to day life with ease and calm.

Call or text 360-926-0859 to schedule!


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