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Chrysanthemum Flower and Goji Berry Tea

If you are experiencing burning, dry, itchy, red, eyes, a great way to alleviate these symptoms is chrysanthemum flower and goji berry tea. It's a refreshing and delicious tea which is also very pretty to look at.

In Eastern medicine, chrysanthemum flowers are used for what is called "Excess Heat in the Liver Channel." This can manifest in the body as red, burning, itchy, eyes which are often associated with spring time allergies or excessive anger leading to a headache, often called a "Liver Yang Rising" type headache.

Goji berries are very common and you may have noticed them in your local food store. They have been touted as a super food and are used for many different conditions in Eastern medicine, but in this particular tea they are great for dry eyes.

If you work in front of a computer a lot or are experiencing menopausal symptoms such as dry eyes and hot flashes, this is also a great tea for you.


10 to 12 Goji Berries

4 to 6 Chrysanthemum flowers

1 cup of boiling water

Place goji berries and chrysanthemum flowers in a tea cup and add boiling water. Let steep for 5 to 10 minutes.

If you are wondering if this tea is right for you, please consult your local Eastern medicine practitioner.

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