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Herbal Therapy (AKA Chinese Herbal Formula) Delivery Methods


Raw Herbs:

Raw herbs are basically dried, prepared herbs, many of which you might already be familiar with, which are harvested in their natural form (roots, stems, bark, flowers, fruit and/or leaves) and then cut into pieces to be made into a tea.  Some of the most common raw herbs are cinnamon bark, ginger, tangerine peel,  peppermint leaves, chrysanthemum flowers and many, many others.


Raw herbs must be prepared before using. The herbs need to be soaked then boiled and strained. This is called the decoction process and takes any where between 2 to 4 hours usually yielding a weeks worth of tea which is taken 2-3 times per day.

Depending on your needs and health goals, your herbalist may recommend an herbal formula or simply one to two herbs to make into a tea.

Winds of Change Acupuncture uses mostly what are called granule herbs with a small amount of raw formula recommendations.

Raw herbs are decocted or boiled to make a tea

Granule Herbs

Granules are concentrated extracts that are made by decocting whole, uncut, raw herbs and then evaporating the water to form a dry powder. These potent, yet safe extracts are processed, tested and supplied by Evergreen Herbs, a company we have used for over 20 years.


Granule  extracts are an excellent delivery method because it only requires placing a measured amount in a tea cup and adding hot water.

In addition, this delivery method makes customization of formulas po


Granules allow important customizations of herbal formulas while



Hot water is added to herbal granules to make a tea
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