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Pattern Identification in Eastern Herbal Therapy (AKA Chinese Herbal Formulas)


Rachael and Emily are both suffering from headaches but they each have very different patterns based on their symptoms. Rachael has what we call an excess condition and Emily has a deficient condition. Each will receive different herbal formulas to not only help to alleviate the pain but also to treat additional, related symptoms, which will bring the whole body back into balance. ***

Rachael, 25 year old Female

Headache Characteristics:

  • Throbbing, pounding, very painful one- sided at temple and behind the eye.

  • Starts first thing in the morning.

Other Symptoms:

  • Episodic red, flushed face and red, bloodshot eyes

  • Difficulty taking in a deep breath

  • Neck and shoulder pain

  • Episodes of extreme anger

  • Constipation

  • PMS

Triggered by/Exacerbated:

  • Emotional upset/stress

Alleviated by:

  • Dark, quiet room

  • Cold compress/massage

Herbal Formula:
Modified Gentiana Combination

Emily, 52 year old Female

Headache Characteristics:

  • Dull, achy, constant, starts at the back of the head with a feeling of dizziness.

  • Worsens in the late afternoon, early evening.

Other Symptoms:

  • Hot flashes, night sweats

  • Vaginal dryness, dry stool

  • Irritability

  • Pain in lower back and knees


Triggered by/Exacerbated:

  • Overwork/exhaustion

Alleviated by:

  • Sleep/rest

  • Warmed rice bag at the back of head and neck


Herbal Formula:
Modified Lycium Fruit, Chrysanthemum and Rehmannia Formula

*** The above case studies are not based on actual patients. These are case studies based on different patients I have treated in the last 15 years as well as the use of Eastern medicine clinical reference books. This information is for educational purposes only and is not to be used in lieu of medical advice from your physician.

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